The Busiest Fire Departments in the Nation – Three Texas Cities in the Top 15

Firehouse magazine has released its 2016 National Run Report. The report took run data from across the country to find out which of our nations fire departments are the busiest. It should come as no surprise that FDNY tops the list with a whopping 1,734,479 total calls in 2016. That’s a meer 832,055 runs more than the second busiest department, Chicago at 902,434.

Texas had three cities in the top 15 in 2016. Houston tops the list of Texas fire departments with 335,969 total calls, making them number 6 in the nation. Dallas was not far behind with 306,609, making them the 7th busiest fire department in the nation. The San Antonio Fire Department came in at number 12, with 183,304 total runs for 2016.

The Top 15 Busiest Fire Departments in the United States for 2016

  1. New York, NY = 1,734,479
  2. Chicago, IL = 902,434
  3. Los Angeles City, CA = 506,416
  4. Philadelphia, PA = 470,167
  5. Los Angeles County, CA = 380,363
  6. Houston, TX = 335,969
  7. Dallas, TX = 306,609
  8. Miami-Dade County, FL = 260,329
  9. Phoenix, AZ = 210,550
  10. Washington, DC = 205,996
  11. Columbus, OH = 186,134
  12. San Antonio, TX = 183,304
  13. Baltimore City, MD = 180,421
  14. St. Louis, MO = 171, 080
  15. Indianapolis, IN = 164,102

*Other Texas cities, in the top 100: Austin (42), El Paso (43), Corpus Christi (59)

**Source: Firehouse Magazine / Lead photo credit: FB2 Response Videos
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