Which Texas Fire Department has the Busiest Ambulance?

August 17, 2017 – Firehouse Magazine has ranked the busiest ambulance, by fire department, in the United States. The rankings are listed in Firehouse Magazines annual National Run Report. The National Run Report compiled data from over 248 fire departments across the nation; run data is from 2016.

Prince George’s County Fire Department, Maryland, had the busiest ambulance in the nation, A828, with an amazing 8,916 runs in 2016. That’s over 24 runs a shift!

The busiest ambulance in Texas was RE18 from Dallas Fire and Rescue. According to the National Run Report, RE18 totaled 6,645 runs last year. That’s over 18 runs a shift!

The Busiest Ambulance by Fire Department in the US – Top 5

1. Prince George’s County, MD = A829 (8,916 runs, 24.4 per shift)

2. Seattle, WA = AID2 (8,138 runs, 22.3 per shift)

3. Chicago, IL = A10 (7,892 runs, 21.6 per shift)

4. Philadelphia, PA = M8 (7,776 runs, 21.3 per shift)

5. Baltimore City, MD = M21 (7,519 runs, 20.6 per shift)

The Busiest Ambulance by Fire Department in Texas – Top 10

1. Dallas, TX = RE18 (6,645 runs, 18.2 per shift, 7th in the US)

2. Corpus Christi, TX = M3 (5,871 runs, 16.1 per shift, 18th in the US )

3. San Antonio, TX = M10 (5,599 runs, 15.3 per shift, 20th in the US)

4. Houston, TX = A7 (5,597 runs, 15.3 per shift, 21st in the US)

5. Longview, TX = M1 (3,525 runs, 9.7 per shift, 60th in the US)

6. Plano, TX = M12 (3,284 runs, 9 per shift, 66th in the US)

7. El Paso, TX = R21 (3,091 runs, 8.5 per shift, 71st in the US )

8. Richardson, TX = A31 (2,450 runs, 6.7 per shift, 89th in the US)

9. Frisco, TX = M1 (2,105 runs, 5.8 per shift, 95th in the US)

10. Midland, TX = EMS3 (2,049 runs, 5.6 per shift, 98th in the US)

*Source: http://www.firehouse.com  *Lead photo: http://www.wfaa.com

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